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Articulated Running Type Articulated Stationary Type Holizontal Articulated stationary Type Optical Multiple Terminal Board NC portable cutting machine

Product Optical Multiple Terminal Board
The FA age is led ・・・ The optical fiber transmission.

Multiple transmission terminal board of plus electric

Plus robot This terminal board changes the electric signals to the photo signals and sends them to another board (receiver) through the optical fiber cable. The receiver board changes the photo signals to the original electric ones and distributes to the automatic machines in the factory. The maximum delivery distance is 600m in using PCF (Plastic Clad Quartz Fiber.)

PT32-1・PT32-0(single direction)  PT16-W (interactive)

【 feature 】
■ Great simplification of wiring work and construction
   1.The work of connection work (tunic removal/mark tube plug sticking by pressure terminal attachment inheriting a lump,      leading about, etc.) required for the multiheart cable of former can simplify sharply.
   2. work is excluded, the misdelivery of mail line of a cable can be prevented.
   3. The operation box of FA apparatus, Relay Box, and a miniaturization/space of a suct are realizable. Moreover,it is also      incorporable into conventional equipment.
   4. The expert line work is easy.
   5. Wiring/transfer/Barashi work etc. to have required a big labor and cost up to now are greatly reduced.
■ Strong optical fiber transmission to noise
  The influence of an electromagnetic noise and an electrostatic noise is not received because it is optical fiber transmission, and high transmission of reliability is possible.
■ 32Number of terminal circuits of point and 16 points
   Input    Single direction of 32 points(PT32-1)
   Output    Single direction of 32 points(PT32-0)
   The I/O 16 points are interactive. (PT16-W)  
■ Enough transmission distance matched to usage
   There are the following two kinds of transmission distances by the use optical fiber cable.   
   1. Plastic all fiber(APF)      40m max
   2. 600m max of plastic clad quartz fiber (PCF)
■ Connected processing is easy.
  It is possible to connect it easily only with a minimum tool (knife nippers strippers and grinding paper) on the site.
■ Detaching the terminal stand is easy.
  The terminal stand can be easily detached with two installation machine screws.   
■ Performance and low-priced offer from needs of site of developed trust.
  Specification and performance of trust developed based on results adopted for FA system of a lot of enterprises. And, a lot of plots. It is a low-priced system set based on needs of the industry.

Articulated Stationary Type Articulated Running Type Horizontal Articulated stationary Type Optical Multiple Terminal Board NC portable cutting machine

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