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Articulated Running Type Articulated Stationary Type Holizontal Articulated stationary Type Optical Multiple Terminal Board NC portable cutting machine

Robot of plus to boast of easiness to use and durability

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Our company is involved from the development of a remote surveillance control and the educational practice device to the design production of FA・CIM of the factory including an automatic pouring robot and the optical, multiple transmission terminal stand that develops its company in the enterprise of the research and development type corresponding to users' needs over the wide range. When the product is divided roughly, the optical, multiple transmission terminal stand that applies the FA equipment for study similar to the design production of FA・CIM that combines cast protrusion breaking machine of an automatic pouring robot related to the aluminum casting and the aluminum wheel, the NC portable cutting machines, the handling robots, and these and the practical use machine and the photonic technology and the tropical fish robot for the practice teaching, etc. can be enumerated. In addition, skillful most of our company offers a lot of special automatic control systems by developing the remote watch controller that applies the control design and the information network of the FA・CIM system for the request of each engineering company and the producing company.




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Robot of plus that enhances function based on abundant careers
【 feature of robot for casting of plus 】
・Capable of controlling of the pouring volume of the molten    easily.
・Very simple operation and excellent function, by which    obtainable high work efficiency.
・By exclusive design for the aluminum casting robot, there is    no useless function for the purpose and even beginner can    operate it without worrying.
・By changing of teaching, robot action also can be changed    simply, and can correspond to the wide ranged changes.
・Superior for heat resistance and strong built.
・Capable of communication between the robot and the host    computer. (Option) .

October 25, 2007
Each customer

【The request of pouring robot control unit model change for casting】

I have particular favor and am always very grateful.
Is the request of pouring robot control unit model change for casting,; but of the LSI which particularly did changing the model of the control unit with stopping producing it of the computer-affiliated LSI started type development newly at the same time there was notification about stopping producing it before 3, and to stock a share for several years, and decided passed, and to change the model of a test try for one year from July, 2007. In what become transaction speed and a function of the computer part, the performance up, but is convinced of when have use it more than the handling and the specifications conventional type that are the state conventionally entirely in peace as for the thing of understanding thanking you in advance.
I want to have kindness of the redoubling sequentially and will ask eagerly in future.

Articulated Running Type
Horizontal Articulated stationary Type
NC portable cutting machine

Articulated Stationary Type
Optical Multiple Terminal Board
A foundry operates under high temperature and hard work environment. This aluminum casting robot is developed to improve such environment and to eliminate dispersion in the quality of the products arising from the fatigue of the workers. This casting robot is capable of scooping the molten from the furnace by ladle and directly pouring it to the metal mold by controlling 4 or 5 digress of freedom through the control of the microcomputer.

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Articulated Running Type/ Articulated Stationary Type/ Horizontal Articulated stationary Type/ Optical Multiple Terminal Board/ NC portable cutting machine
NC network
It registers in the NC network.
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