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The robot of the plus electric

■   The lack of manpower can be supplemented.
■   The worker can be liberated from "Simplicity", "Repetition", and "Danger" work.
■   The safety of work can be improved.
■   High temperature weight thing conveyance job at the place can be converted to automated.
■   The difference of the quality can be decreased.
■   The reduction in costs of the product production can be achieved.

Feature of plus robot

■   It is possible to make it to the excellent maintenance free in durability it.
■   It is possible to operate it easy handling only of a special machine.
■   The adjustment of the amount of the pouring volume is possible, and it is free, and an easy change is possible.
■   99 kinds of pouring programs according to the type can be set.
■   Steady repetition pouring is possible.

Easiness to use and durability.

A lot of factories' making to FA/labor saving/making to high accuracy, Being useful.
specification of the robot/inquire, Please feel free to inquire.

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pouring robot specifications for foundry machine
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