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Technological introduction
The function was enhanced based on abundant careers … Robo of the plus.

A foundry operates under high temperature and hard work environment. This aluminum casting robot is developed to improve such environment and to eliminate dispersion in the quality of the products arising from the fatigue of the workers. This casting robot is capable of scooping the molten from the furnace by ladle and directly pouring it to the metal mold by controlling 4 or 5 digress of freedom through the control of the microcomputer.

Feature of plus robot

1. Capable of controlling of the pouring volume of the molten easily.
2. Capable of stabilized repeatability by AC servomotors and obtainable controlled high quality of the products.
3. Very simple operation and excellent function, by which obtainable high work efficiency.
4. By exclusive design for the aluminum casting robot, there is no useless function for the purpose and even beginner can operate it without worrying.
5. By changing of teaching, robot action also can be changed simply, and can correspond to the wide ranged changes.
6. Superior for heat resistance and strong built.
7. Capable of communication between the robot and the host computer. (Option)

Structure of plus robot

These robots are the articulated type driving 4 or 5 axes and are driven by servomotors and they have each control board and teaching pendant.

Control techniques

PTP system control by 32 bit micro-processor operates simultaneous four or five axes control and has memory capacity of 3000 points. The driving is made by AC servomotors and the rotary encoder is used for the position detecting.

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